"Waiting For Clouds" is the 2nd collaboration with my long time friend and ex-Fulano band mate – Brendan Buckley. On our last project, “Individual” (2007),  we received a Grammy Nomination for Best Latin Pop Album. It was the only independent album that year to receive such recognition at the American GRAMMYS.

This new record is comprised of a group of songs that reflect the highs and lows of a very turbulent and trans formative time in my personal life. Armed with a spectrum of emotions this collection is an intimate insight into my life, that of a hard working class artist.

"Waiting For Clouds" highlights some spectacular guest performers including NPR Alt. Latino darling, Gaby Moreno, singing on "Closer Tonight" & "The Only One". Also some of the members of Shakira’s current band including her drummer, Brendan Buckley, contribute their talents to the project. On tap for mixing duties is 12- time Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer, Sebastian Krys, a long time friend and associate of mine.

I hope that all those folks who loved and supported “Individual” awhile back will find that, “Waiting For Clouds” is a perfect compliment to that previous record. I am very excited about the songs; the performances; the production; and the overall positive musical energy on here. I hope everyone will feel as connected to it as I do.

"Waiting For Clouds"
1. A Perfect World – 3:40
2. Bleeding Hearts Club – 3:16
3. Closer Tonight – 4:31
4. Keeping Me Waiting – 3:31
5. The Only One – 5:43
6. Sitting On Your Throne – 3:51
7. Half-Hearted – 3:37
8. Through Her Window – 3:28
9. It’s About Time – 3:12
10. Waiting For Clouds – 4:43

A little taste of the album: